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Teeth Cleaning in Devon

Professional Dental Cleaning

Hygienists are trained dental professionals who take care of routine dental care in our office such as regular cleanings. They are an integral part of our dental practice and make up a big part of the team that works to keep your oral health at its best. We recommend everyone book a professional dental cleaning at least twice a year, more often if issues arise in between visits.

Tooth brushing and flossing at home can help remove the daily accumulation of tartar, but to prevent tooth decay and gum disease, a dental hygienist should periodically scale and polish your teeth, removing plaque and bacteria that can’t be reached with home care techniques. Your hygienist uses small, specialized instruments to scrape plaque and tartar buildup off your teeth.

Your Dental History

At each dental cleaning visit, before anything is done inside your mouth, our hygienist will chat with you to obtain an updated medical history and discuss any changes in your health since your last visit.  We’ll need to know things like any new medications you’ve been prescribed, or recent diagnoses such as diabetes, arthritis, or pregnancy, etc. It is important that your dental care team knows about any health changes, concerns, or allergies you may have in order to ensure we can provide the kind of care you need. We also ask that you tell us about any concerns or anxieties you have, it’s VERY common to be afraid of the dentist. Sometimes, all a person needs is a little explanation or a distraction, like music, to make their dental visit go a little smoother.

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Regular Cleaning

It's important to have regular teeth cleanings to maintain your oral health.

Prevent Long Term Issues

Removing plaque and stains can help your dentist detect and prevent cavities.

Cleaner Teeth, Whiter Smile!

Teeth Cleaning and Checkups Go Hand in Hand

Teeth cleaning should be combined with regular dental check-ups. Most dental problems can be corrected if caught early. During each check-up, we perform a comprehensive diagnostic examination of your teeth and mouth. Not only do we look for tooth decay, we also screen for serious conditions such as gum disease, oral cancer, tooth grinding, tooth brush abrasion and the deterioration of old crowns, bridges and fillings. Twice yearly teeth cleanings and checkups will go a long way to securing your oral health. All dental services performed by a general dentist.

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